Ethical Hacking Unleashed – Master Penetration Testing from Scratch

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Ethical Hacking Unleashed – Master Penetration Testing from Scratch
Ethical Hacking Unleashed – Master Penetration Testing from Scratch
Ethical Hacking Unleashed – Master Penetration Testing from Scratch
Ethical Hacking Unleashed – Master Penetration Testing from Scratch

# Master Penetration Testing from Scratch

Ethical Hacking Unleashed

Cultivate the Skills you need to become a Badass Hacker with our Intensive Online Training Course and start a profitable career in the Cyber Security Space

Unlock the Secrets of Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing with "Ethical Hacking Unleashed"!

Immerse yourself in the world of Penetration Testing with our comprehensive course, “Ethical Hacking Unleashed.” Designed for aspiring cybersecurity professionals, beginners, and those eager to become proficient in ethical hacking and penetration testing, this program equips you with the essential knowledge and hands-on experience to excel in these dynamic fields.

Course Highlights:

🔐 Penetration Testing Mastery: From the very basics to advanced techniques, master the art of penetration testing from scratch.

🌐 Hands-On Learning: Dive headfirst into real-world scenarios with practical labs, expert guidance, and cutting-edge tools.

💡 Security Mindset: Develop a security-centric mindset to identify vulnerabilities and assess risks effectively.

🛠️ Lab Environment: Set up your virtual lab environment, providing a safe space for practical learning.

🤝 Community Connection: Join a vibrant community of cybersecurity enthusiasts, all eager to explore the digital frontier.

Target Audience:

This course is tailored for individuals who are ready to embark on an exciting journey into cybersecurity:

🚀 Beginners: Perfect for those taking their first steps into the world of cybersecurity.

🔐 Aspiring Ethical Hackers: Ideal for individuals with a passion for ethical hacking and a desire to protect digital landscapes.

🌐 IT Professionals: Enhance your skillset and tackle evolving cybersecurity challenges with confidence.

👩‍💻 Web Developers: Strengthen your cybersecurity knowledge to safeguard your web applications.

💼 Career Changers: Whether you’re pivoting your career or exploring new opportunities, this course offers a solid foundation.

Job Roles and Opportunities:

Upon completing “Ethical Hacking Unleashed,” you’ll be primed for a range of exciting roles and opportunities, including:

👾 Ethical Hacker/Penetration Tester: Be the guardian of digital landscapes by identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities.

🛡️ Security Analyst: Analyze security incidents, assess risks, and provide recommendations for bolstered cybersecurity.

🌐 Web Application Security Specialist: Focus on securing web applications, including vulnerability identification and mitigation.

📱 Mobile Security Specialist: Specializes in protecting mobile devices and applications from threats and vulnerabilities.


To make the most of this course, a passion for cybersecurity and some basic knowledge in the following areas is advantageous:

🖥️ Computer Networks and Operating Systems: A foundational understanding will help you navigate the course effectively.

💪 Eagerness to Learn: Your commitment to ethical cybersecurity practices is paramount.

🚀 Programming Knowledge (Optional): While not mandatory, familiarity with languages like Python, Powershell, or Bash can be advantageous.



Join us on an exhilarating journey into the realm of ethical hacking and penetration testing. “Ethical Hacking Unleashed” is your key to unlocking the doors to a rewarding cybersecurity career. Enroll now and unleash your potential!

Course Structure

Each module in this course contributes to building a comprehensive skill set in ethical hacking and cybersecurity, enabling students to better understand, assess, and protect information systems and networks.

Module 1: Intro to Ethical Hacking & Cybersecurity

This module provides an overview of ethical hacking and its importance in cybersecurity. It introduces the concepts of ethical hacking, the hacker's mindset, and the legal and ethical aspects of hacking.

Module 4: Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessment is the focus of this module. It involves identifying, categorizing, and prioritizing security vulnerabilities in systems and networks. Students learn how to conduct vulnerability assessments effectively.

Module 2: Private Hacking Lab Setup

In this module, students learn how to set up a controlled environment (hacking lab) for conducting ethical hacking experiments and practicing various cybersecurity techniques safely.

Module 5: Networking Fundamentals

This module provides a foundational understanding of networking principles and concepts. Students learn about network protocols, architecture, and common networking devices.

Module 3: Introduction to Kali Linux

This module covers Kali Linux, a popular penetration testing and ethical hacking operating system. Students learn how to use Kali Linux tools and commands for various cybersecurity tasks.

Module 6: Information Gathering and Footprinting

Information gathering and footprinting are critical steps in ethical hacking. This module covers techniques for collecting information about target systems and organizations to plan and execute security assessments.

Module 7: Exploitation Basics

Students are introduced to the fundamentals of exploiting vulnerabilities in this module. They learn about common attack vectors and techniques used by hackers.

Module 10: Post-Exploitation techniques

After successfully compromising a system, post-exploitation techniques come into play. This module covers maintaining access, privilege escalation, and data exfiltration.

Module 8: Exploitation with Metasploit

Metasploit is a widely used penetration testing framework. In this module, students learn how to use Metasploit for exploiting vulnerabilities and gaining access to target systems.

Module 11: Web Application Security

Web applications are a common target for hackers. This module focuses on web application security, covering common vulnerabilities like SQL injection, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS),

Module 9: Backdoor Generation, & Delivery

After successfully compromising a system, post-exploitation techniques come into play. This module covers maintaining access, privilege escalation, and data exfiltration.

Module 12: Network Exploitation Basics

Building on networking fundamentals, this module delves into more advanced network exploitation techniques, including man-in-the-middle attacks and network sniffing.

Module 13: Mobile Device Security

With the proliferation of mobile devices, they have become attractive targets for attackers. This module covers ethical hacking techniques specific to mobile platforms.

Module 14: Advanced Metasploit Features

This module explores advanced features and capabilities of the Metasploit framework, allowing students to enhance their penetration testing skills.

Module 15: Course Conclusion and Next Steps

The final module typically summarizes the course, reviews key takeaways, and provides guidance on next steps, such as pursuing further certifications or career opportunities in ethical hacking and cybersecurity.

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What Students are saying

Juma M Kenyan Student

I was skeptical at first, but 'Ethical Hacking Unleashed' blew me away. The content is spot-on, and the practical labs are gold. I'm now a cybersecurity pro!

Adebayo Samuel Nigeria Student

Ethical Hacking Unleashed' is a game-changer for me. It took me from zero to hero in the cybersecurity world. Now, I'm securing systems and loving it!

Thulani O South Africa

This course was a revelation. It made complex concepts understandable, and its practical approach helped me land a cybersecurity role right after completion.